LG V60 Twin Masks overview: V for versatility

LG V60 Twin Masks overview: V for versatility


Even and not utilizing a 2nd conceal, LG’s most well liked phone provides a lot

LG is planning a fundamental refresh for its next mainstream smartphone, nevertheless earlier than getting there, the firm decided to initiate another entry in its spec-heavy V-sequence, the V60 ThinQ. With developed manual digicam controls, a howdy-fi headphone jack, and high-discontinue specs, these telephones bear continuously been geared in the direction of tech lovers.

This one year, LG is undercutting Samsung’s Galaxy S20 — the Android favorite-bearer for 2020 — in designate, while quiet attempting to cram a lot of upgrades into the V60. It’s obtained a Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G connectivity and is able to capturing 8K video. It is probably you’ll per chance perhaps also outfit the V60 with a 2nd existing (with the non-compulsory Twin Masks case) for unequalled multitasking. Microsoft’s Surface Duo is decided to attain later this one year, and this can push the dual-existing phone belief forward, nevertheless LG is already on its third strive with the V60.

However the V60 lacks some of the features that are more and more widespread on “flagship” Android devices in 2020. There’s no fluid 90Hz or 120Hz existing; L. a. a replacement sticks with a old, no-frills 60Hz panel. Its bezels are grisly to acknowledge and thicker than what you’d to find on a Samsung or OnePlus. As other high-discontinue devices transfer as much as 12GB of RAM (and beyond), LG is being a piece of conservative with 8GB of reminiscence. And despite continued refinement, the Twin Masks accessory under no circumstances if truth be told unlocks its full probably: the enormous selling level is quiet that widespread, core skill to run different apps facet by facet at the identical time. But LG’s hallmarks — a just digicam, delighted headphone audio, and high-notch performance — are quiet represented in the V60. Pricing is a little bit scattered, with the phone itself costing $800 (T-Cell) or around $900 with the Twin Masks on Verizon and AT&T. Both plot, you attain in below the S20’s $999 sticker designate.

The V60 ethical does so worthy (doubly so in case you get it with the Twin Masks) that, in a vacuum, it’s difficult no longer to be impressed. The battery life is improbable, and it’s an heavenly replace for the form of one who will use every trick this phone has in its arsenal. If that’s no longer you, there’s extensive reason to scrutinize at Samsung or OnePlus as a replacement.


Sparkling warning, although: even other folks conversant in LG’s previous efforts will almost definitely be taken aback by the V60’s size. Right here’s a large, honking phone. At 6.sixty seven inches mountainous and three.06 inches huge, it’s in a plot even larger than the Galaxy S20 Ultra and pays fully no mind to ergonomics. It’s imaginable to utilize the V60 with one hand, nevertheless doing so is an ill-instructed exercise in finger gymnastics and grip adjustments. The chamfered aluminum rails provide a stable purchase on the phone, which has a flat 6.8-jog conceal and sloped glass encourage. Quantity toggles and a non-remappable Google Assistant shortcut button defend in the left facet, with the energy button on the honest. The V60 comes with 128GB of storage, nevertheless it supports microSD expansion.

On the underside, you’ll to find a speaker (which doubles up with the earpiece for stereo output), USB-C port, and a headphone jack, which quiet includes LG’s heavenly 32-bit DAC for audiophile-grade track playback — in case you’ve obtained the honest headphones to get basically the most from it. LG gets my praise each for keeping the jack around and handing over a listening journey that can per chance rival devoted howdy-fi audio gamers. Taking note of howdy-res tracks in Amazon Song HD with my Sennheiser headphones made me treasure LG’s quest to retain the headphone jack even when each person else has moved on.


The V60 comes in both white (with silver edges) or navy blue, which has a gold body. To me, there’s no debate available: the blue V60 is a stunner of a phone. The white one, meanwhile, is forgettable. LG uses an in-existing optical fingerprint scanner on the V60, and my success price used to be blended, inconsistent, and worse than the readers I’ve old on Samsung and OnePlus telephones. Right here’s a form of cases where I miss the old, more official rear fingerprint sensors. (The V60 doesn’t bear an an identical to Face ID adore the G8 ThinQ did.)

The V60’s existing is a effective 2460 x 1080 OLED panel with a little teardrop notch that properties the front-facing digicam. As I mentioned earlier, LG hasn’t managed to shave away bezels to the identical extent as other companies. Some will to find the unlit borders grotesque; others will almost definitely be grateful to remain away from accidental presses — an occasional frustration that is affecting curved monitors with barely there bezels. Brightness, colour vibrancy, distinction, and viewing angles are all completely kindly, if a rung or two beneath Samsung’s most productive phone shows.


However the shortcoming of a buttery-gentle 90Hz or 120Hz refresh price is noticeable and made your entire more glaring if you swap between the V60 and something adore the Galaxy S20 or Pixel Four XL. No longer each person will care, and I reveal LG made this commerce-off partly as a consequence of utilizing two shows at 90Hz or 1440p would bear posed a venture. Gathered, I could perhaps like the option existed at the least for basically the important phone. To me, right here’s the V60’s most glaring downside compared in opposition to its 2020 competition. It provides a ton of energy, nevertheless it feels held encourage — love it didn’t somewhat get the entire pork up checklist — by the identical-as-ever scrolling.

So the conceal is a piece of a letdown, nevertheless there’s some just in all of this. Limiting the existing to 60Hz and a modest decision, blended with a huge 5,000mAh battery, helps the V60 enact improbable battery life. I’ve been in a location to defend the V60 working properly into and thru a 2nd day of frequent use. This stamina most productive applies when utilizing the phone by itself, on the replace hand, since enabling the Twin Masks case will curtail battery longevity by 20 to 30 percent.


Right through my overview duration, the Snapdragon 865 chipset has performed flawlessly, with the V60 chewing through any project I threw at it. Wi-Fi 6 is supported, and the V60 can pull down 5G data on T-Cell and AT&T, although most productive Verizon is selling a version that works with ultra-mercurial (nevertheless very minute) millimeter-wave 5G.

Admire the G8x, the V60’s Twin Masks connects over USB-C. There’s a little bit magnetic adapter that attaches to the underside of the case in case you should to perhaps perhaps like to dawdle in for charging while it’s on, although mercurial wi-fi charging is the more convenient option in that instruct. The secondary conceal is an accurate match for basically the important existing, with the identical decision and even the notch cutout. (It’s literally the identical panel fragment, which LG says helps cut charges and retain colour uniformity.)

One of the most traditional use case for the Twin Masks is principally the most productive: two apps straight away. This thing is the closing Zoom phone, let me voice you. It is probably you’ll per chance perhaps also chat with your colleagues over Zoom on one conceal and scrutinize at honest pets on Instagram with the replace. Favor to browse Twitter while looking out at Netflix, YouTube, or Prime Video? Comprise at it. After we’re all allowed originate air another time, I do know the V60 will get it easy to defend an admire on my Uber or Lyft while writing an electronic mail at the identical time. And this makes for a easy plot of being attentive to track on YouTube while doing something else on basically the important existing. It’s all admittedly superfluous, nevertheless I quiet stumbled on myself if truth be told liking the flexibleness at cases.

LG optimizes a few of its have apps for Twin Masks. Whenever you defend a shot with the digicam and tap to acknowledge the photo, it pops up on the secondary existing, so the digicam app stays originate and willing for more snaps. It is probably you’ll per chance perhaps also use the V60 adore a mini laptop or portable game console with the entire bottom existing serving as a keyboard or gamepad. It is probably you’ll per chance also stretch a diminutive number of apps (at the side of some from Google adore Maps, Gmail, and Chrome) across each monitors straight away, nevertheless I under no circumstances stumbled on this very precious. The gap in the center is too difficult to ignore. LG, now on its third Twin Masks initiate, hasn’t made worthy development and is leaving Microsoft a large opening to attain in and existing each person what an Android application with two shows can if truth be told be. But keep in mind that you just should to perhaps perhaps continuously ethical detach the paunchy, heavy Twin Masks case if you don’t want those multitasking powers. Aspects for versatility, I reveal.


The rear dual-digicam machine delivers just results, with basically the important 64MP sensor (pixel binned appropriate down to 16MP) is able to grab a lot of dynamic fluctuate and ingredient. LG kicked off the ultra-huge building, in bid that’s what the 2nd 13MP digicam is for. As is the norm, it’s a piece softer than basically the important one. The third “lens” is ethical a time-of-flight sensor for depth data, so the V60 doesn’t settle on to any extent additional or much less portrait or optical zoom lens in its repertoire. But I used to be very contented with the colour processing, stress-free depth-of-topic, and overall output from LG’s digicam. The firm is utilizing the next sensor this one year, which explains a few of those improvements. If the V60 has one weak point, it’s night mode, which doesn’t meet the bar that Apple, Google, and Huawei bear set. Video recording will almost definitely be steady — LG affords you more manual regulate over settings and bit price than most Android telephones — although 8K is ethical foolish overkill in the indicate time. It is probably you’ll per chance perhaps also’t even edit 8K photos on-application, so what does that voice you? Follow 4K or 1080p and the V60 quiet excels, 2nd most productive to Apple in video quality.

It is probably you’ll per chance perhaps also continuously depend on LG to toss in one very uncommon digicam characteristic, and this time, it’s 3D photos. Whenever you’ve ever viewed regarded as one of those on Facebook, what to set a matter to. You snap a shot, and the V60 uses depth data to get the semblance that the targeted-on object is shifting around as you development your phone. I took adore two of those and then omitted 3D photos altogether. A nicer, more essential touch about the digicam is that, in most lighting stipulations, the viewfinder is displayed at 60fps. It doesn’t if truth be told add any income, nevertheless now that I’ve had a taste, I could perhaps like that smoothness from the digicam on every other phone.


LG’s application stays a messy blended to find. A pair of of it’s miles purely, adore the heavenly digicam app, which has the total manual controls you should to perhaps perhaps also settle on and precious instruments adore level of curiosity peaking. The audio recorder app will almost definitely be most productive in college. I even had a just journey with LG Pay (I ethical took inform to bear regarded as one of many few cards that’s currently supported), which can trick cost terminals into contemplating you swiped a gradual credit card with a magnetic stripe — ethical adore Samsung Pay.

Other corners of the applying journey feel adore they’ve been deserted. The icons and general look feel dated (even after a recent refresh). And in a plot, quiet, in the one year 2020, LG’s app launcher can not relief apps organized alphabetically. Whenever you set up a fresh app or game, you’ve obtained to form the checklist another time. Attain on. Switching to a third-social gathering launcher ability losing out on Android 10’s gesture navigation, and none of them are optimized for the secondary existing. The awkward application choices lengthen to the Twin Masks, which is treated adore its have dwelling conceal, which makes full sense, nevertheless it also gets its have app drawer in settle on to moral mirroring basically the important phone’s, which will not be practical at all.


After which there’s the bloatware. LG is no longer selling an unlocked version of the V60 in the US, so that you just’re at the mercy of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Cell — and it’s no longer moderately. After constructing the phone, you’ll to find at the least 5 or six video games you don’t settle on and a handful of provider apps that you just should to perhaps perhaps’t fully uninstall. The Verizon V60 constantly presented me with a “precious” application health notification that encouraged me to restart the phone and trudge its reminiscence cache. These are needless, stressful distractions that folks if truth be told don’t need to apprehension about.

One of basically the most below-the-radar perks of the V60 is honest stylus enhance. Whenever you defend a Wacom pen, you’ll get Galaxy Tag-adore pressure sensitivity for drawing. There’s an non-compulsory hasten-in shortcuts bar where you should to perhaps perhaps hasty initiate writing a fresh memo, annotate whatever’s for your conceal, and get entry to other programs. LG doesn’t bear its have stylus adore Samsung’s S-Pen or a slot to raise one in, nevertheless what’s right here is pretty precious and, another time, speaks to the V60’s versatility.

It could perhaps per chance quiet tell the complete lot about the V60 being a jack-of-all-trades that I’m ending on stylus enhance. This phone affords you a ton for $800 — even in case you dawdle without the Twin Masks. It’s a blazing performer, battery life could perhaps be basically the most productive for any phone in 2020 as much as now, and it’s obtained terrific headphone audio. But I basically settle on LG had done more with the massive existing. I will be capable to set up with the bezels ethical magnificent, nevertheless high-refresh monitors are already changing into table stakes at this designate in the Android world. If I’m sacrificing comfort and ergonomics, the existing had larger be improbable. And I’m engaging to pay a pair additional hundred bucks for it.

Images by Chris Welch / The Verge

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